Life Is Wonderful

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Art makes life more livable and less shitty. 

It's TAn honEY💫
® pragmatic
® sassy
® fussy
® nasty
® Brunette
® scumbag
® surly
® slob
®shrinking violet
® surreal
® suave
® stupendous
® stilted
® uppity
® unctuous
® vivacious
® naive
® dainty
® blabber
® eccentric

Im learning how to love myself and be happy :)
i choose i want to be better and i will work hard for it!
I have decided that my goal is to become a woman of success, to study, to live, to be one of those unique women but first, I have to recover. I just remember how I was and see how I am now and I thanks god a lot

People with like faces and shit