Love Is So,,Complicated

Deep love. Pure love.

We started out as best friends, I spent a whole year secretly loving you, I loved every bit of you. When we finally were together it was so magical and filled every space of my life with happiness. You were my first love. I wish things hadn't ended the way it did but always remember that my bitterness is not stronger than the love I will always feel towards you 💙 May 19th, 2015 will always be in my heart.

this one is for my favorite person aka @floweraesthetics, i'm so thankful that you are my bes fren, most love to you, my angel.
(she's morphine, queen of my vaccine // ilysb)

[ Daughter of Itachi Uchiha and Oto Siren (siren oc)]

[ Cousin of Asūta Hyuga ]


@__alessiacc__ i'm ready to run.  

anna karenina

@philias You are my happiness.  


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M@@foh Turay
M@@foh Turay

@turaymaafoh50 love can break your heart