Tom Holland - the best Person you will ever get to know! He ist the new Spiderman and the Movie was amazing! He is kind, funny, honest, cute and passionate when it comes to acting. He has three brothers (Harry, Sam and Paddy ☺️) and a dog (Tessa 😍). He also has a charity the brothers trust! His Interviews are very funny! Just watch everthing about Tom Holland! He also dies boxing (what I do too and totally love 😍)! He is just Perfect, our 🐸🥐-Lover 😂

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"And then Legolas did a totally sick backflip and decapitated like 15 orcs. It was fuckin' sweet"
- J.R.R. Tolkien (apparently)

Harry Styles

@niajho harry styles lockscreen #79 like if you use/save it, please 🐝