HOT·LADY·WITCH She was the heart breaker with the most rare powers, she could get inside people's minds and mess with them|| TV reporter Friends:Perrie and Keira Animal:Black panther

.the indie is composed mostly of young people and adolescents who share a style, an ideology, a way of being and being in the world. Or put another way: a way of life characterized by rejecting those forms prevailing in a given context and influenced by the aspects that are less evident within that dominant culture.

Lilly Watson, main character from my novel, Before.

A description of myself through dark and aesthetic images is what this collection is all about. You might get to know my broken soul and the darkest parts of my mind better than anyone else; cause this is the only place where I can be, at least, partially honest. Yes, you might see that I want to leave, but at least I will try to decorate this place with a bunch of pretty pictures while I still can artistically explore what my demons plan in the depths of my head.