Love 🎠

Cold Cash Divine
Famous pre-war singer; Sole Survivor; Elder of BOS

I was born in the wrong decade.

سكنتَ بداخلي حُبّاً وطَوعاً
وكنتَ الشمسَ في نجمِ البريّةْ
يرونكَ واحداً وأراكَ جمعاً
إذا تأتي كَفَيْتَ عن البقيّةْ 💫

I always believed that nothing is my favourite.
Everyday I get up with new favourite things.
Sometimes I'm addicted to coffee and I think it's my favourite and the next day I find it bitter.
Someday I'd like to be in a place full of people and music, the other I just sit by myself and it feels wonderful.

Until I met you.
I got the only constant favourite thing on my list.