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i want you to feel happy and peaceful in your own skin - please enjoy !
loads of love 🌈♡

A reimagining of Mackenzie Malikov from Lost Girl. I am currently in the process of plotting out a major fanfic that will center around Kenzi and the things that transpire during and after her time in Valhalla. Do note, that Kenzi will undergo a somewhat major character change, though I will attempt to keep her as close to the real her as possible. This being said, season 5 is gonna be completely different, but certain aspects will remain. Oh, and did I mention this is a Denzi Fic? Cause it is.

my name is addison gallagher. oficially, i don't have a middle name because my parents were too high when i was born to remember to put it on the certificate, but they tell me it's josephine.

Rebecca (Bex) Baxter is a character from the Gallagher Girls series, written by Ally Carter


@schistads shit happens, and people suck.  

I saw that.
I saw that.

@MarySGarden People are Oceans.