make up

by Niki

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Behind the Butterfly
Beautiful Black Blond Blonde Cute Emo Eye Eyelashes Eyeliner Girl Green eyes Iris Lashes Make up Photo Photography Pretty Woman - PicShip
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cute, key, lace, tattoo - inspiring picture on
Hair and make up / This is done on blue eyes, but would look really amazing with brown, green, or hazel.
dont have sex, because you get pregnant, and die.
color, colour, fingers, makeup - inspiring picture on
J'adore Chanel
Fashion..! / beautifully simple
f a s h i o n i s t h a - Polyvore
Girly Girls Only.
Досадноо. :/ -
Cosmetics / I do like the shadow placement here. But people will call ANY eyeshadow job smokey. ??
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zara rose
Catherine Dea & Katrina by Chris Nicholls for Flare December 2011