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hi guys! go to my new account from my bio/profile and go check out this same collection there, updating often! ♡

panic! at the disco but without dallon because i have an special album for him because he is special and he deserve it.

Are there any better ways to honor your heros? Yes, definitely.
But I guess that dedicating an online album to them ain't such a bad start. Even if we consider what they have accomplished whilst trying (and succeding) to make other people's lives better.
To be realistic, I know I'm never going to make it that far. I'm way too shy and insecure. Therefore, I think this is the best I can do. Ciao!


@daisy_p_aka_dead_flower He would've been better  

Love wins (LGBTQ+)
Love wins (LGBTQ+)

@lgbtqplusposts Aw 😂 | by lgbtqplusposts account on We Heart It