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Adventure of a lifetime. We grew up with this mischievous kid. He was a loser, nobody wanted to communicate with him. He had a rough childhood, he grew up a street kid. But he always wanted to become Hokage. He never gave up and boldly walked to his goal. His kind heart and willpower captivated me. He was a real hero. He went through all. He always fought to the last. And at the end he comes to his goal. He becomes one of the best Hokage. For me he is a worth example to follow.

This couple... for me, it's true love of which we can read in romantic books. They had so much history together, they overcame all obstacles. And Sakura's love... She loved him "with all her heart" for many years. Her feelings for Sasuke have not subsided, even after all what he did. And at the end he shared her feelings and chose her, despite the fact that there were other candidates. They don't need to say "I love you", we see it without words...
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