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Only black & white and all natural colors 🖤

Family..... it's all in the name. This collection includes: cute babies, hot hubbies, and mom goals. You'll find see a bunch of post and straight away think "damn that's gonna be me in the future"

سكنتَ بداخلي حُبّاً وطَوعاً
وكنتَ الشمسَ في نجمِ البريّةْ
يرونكَ واحداً وأراكَ جمعاً
إذا تأتي كَفَيْتَ عن البقيّةْ 💫

I always believed that nothing is my favourite.
Everyday I get up with new favourite things.
Sometimes I'm addicted to coffee and I think it's my favourite and the next day I find it bitter.
Someday I'd like to be in a place full of people and music, the other I just sit by myself and it feels wonderful.

Until I met you.
I got the only constant favourite thing on my list.

➳ Liih
➳ Liih

@CuteLiih Julio and Alicia  


@98_Lory Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you?