Mama Grande 💫💕💫💕💫

My Boo Ariana #PrayforManchester #OneLoveManchester

Ariana grande is so precious .

This collection is dedicated to my baby, my everything, my moonlight : Ariana Grande. ♡☽ I admire her so much, she really inspires me, I love her sooo much ♡♡♡. All the photos in this collection are photos of Ari or photos which have a link with Ariana. I hope you'll enjoy this collection, my favorite. ♡☽ ♡ ☁️💡

I can't quit you 🌙

Mónica Monteiro
Mónica Monteiro

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@fiftyshadesofhearts much love for my sweet Ariana. it's absolutely heartbreaking what she had to experience including all her fans & their families. no one should have to go through this, leaves me speechless. stay safe & get well ♡♡