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神様はじめました Dios comenzó
Nanami Momozono, a girl who has lost her home because of her father's gambling debts and has been abandoned by this. When you find yourself in the park without a home or place to go, meet a young man and "save" as he was being threatened by a dog, in exchange for that act, the young person grants his property and the right to be the "new" God of the Earth.

Kamisama Kiss is one of my absolute favorite anime and manga! If you have never read or watched it I would give it a try!! It is VERY funny, sweet, encouraging, and romantic. One out of two anime I can and have reread and re-watched over and over again. If you like this collection you might also like my "Anime touches hearts <3" which has many different anime, manga, and fan art! Please enjoy!

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