H 🌎 M E

This is what's on my mind most of time. Those places are in my head, in my books, in my dreams. It's sometimes sad, it's sometimes dark, but you will always find your way to happiness in there. This is not my place, this is my feeling

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fyi there are old images,
i just moved them to a different collection
x strictly only blue photos x

better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times

old photos moved to my summer aesthetics collection
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these are ONLY photos that are more turquoiseish so
removed a whole bunch of old ones :)

Cristiana Bortos
Cristiana Bortos

@cristiana_bortos #autumn  


@maxnormal need me some good blogs that are foggy and green  


@scififantasygirl Misty morning coffee in the woods