Gir L Hïjä:Bi Stë

The devil of Hell's Kitchen, the righteous ex-con, the smart-ass detective, and the kid with the glowing fist.

كُلّ أُنثَى وَردَة 🌼

Something you'd never understand about her.
How she would pass by this amount of sadness, those people who let her down and those troubles that made her weak.

And she's still have faith in better days and better people.
She gets more beautiful everytime life gets ugly to her.

Photos that represent me

. اذا كنت جالس تقرأ هذا الكلام فهذا يعني على
الاغلب انك تتابعني بس حبيت اقولك شكراً وأحبك "

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Is it a good pic if I don't post it on here. Please do give credit. Thnx  


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