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orange is the new black, 13 reasons why, stranger things, american horror story, scream queens, skam, queer as folk, riverdale.

💚One day, I'll travel around the world... I made a collection with my favourite pictures of exploring, just... #goals. Enjoy💚

'Poetry & Quotes' is a collection of pieces that have inspired, moved, motivated and comforted me in ways that could only be expressed through language. On of my favorite quotes goes something like, "poetry doesn't have to rhyme... It just has to touch you somewhere that hands can't". Which I think really sums up the kind of poetry and quotes I heart. All are put into this collection because I can strongly relate them all. This collection is absolutely my most personal collection of all.


@symphonyoflovenet Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. - Guillaume Apollinaire