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Wishing my fantasy was a reality.... 😔

I would like to rescue a lost image, a treasure that few know where to look, a love that completes, and that makes two being one

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I stopped overthinking, my depression and extreme paranoia came to an end, but still, the sentiment of " never good enough " isn't going away ...
I guess a broken heart stay broken in some ways.
At least people, remember that most of it can be healed.
" I was a mistake from the very start, so please, shut the fuck up. "

Redfox as an adult.
Main character of Utopia, and one of the characters in Castle of Glass, The Four Queens and my Creepypastas.
Really more gloomy than the regular " Redfox ". Except in Utopia, she's officially one with Chimidoro Red. She's haunted by the memories of her friends (Ookami, Melodie and Aoki) that left her alone, driving her to slowly erase the world. The biterness in her heart make her a lonely person who push everyone away.


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