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I like the darkness. There's something to the feeling of not knowing your surroundings, not being the color of things as they appear, but as they truly are. There's something about the unknown... the quiet... the cold. There's something unspoken about the dark. Sometimes I find myself breathless, 'cause the darkness is so terrifying yet so beautiful. 

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How can you look her in the face, see those crystalized tears fall down. And not do anything. Just staring, preaching your opinion.They're slowly increasing.
Caused by anger, caused by pain, caused by worries. There wasn't really a good way, in which she could find her comfort. She would seek comfort within her anger, and frustration.
Hurting herself, hurting the ones she cares about. Feeling trapped and gasping for air. - She broke down.

Para recordar, lo bueno de la vida💋


@flamingdonut Ed Sheeran is basically my description of Fall/Winter