Oc: Cynthia, The Fighter.

| Protector of The Dragon | Torn between the poorest and the richest | Hairless Princess | The Warrior|

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things that look good and nice to me

[tv] a series of unfortunate events | (2017 - present?)

❝to beatrice— darling, dearest, dead.❞

if she can see in the dark without you, then you're far from her lover, my friend. ( my original story aesthetic )

King and Soul Bearer of the sun. Sol is the father of Azazi and Azaria. Married to Zelenia


@JarekB Stairway inside the caves of Beit Guvrin National Park https://t.co/fezOzlNIi9:  


@xenadog Lexi tends to walk the line between protective and suicidal.: