I wasn't alive when the show was actually on TV, but I love watching the episodes online and on the TBS app. My favorite couple from the show are Monica and Chandler ❤. My top favorite characters are Phoebe, Monica, and of course, Chandler. This is my FAVORITE sitcom and/or TV show EVER!💜😊 This collection includes pics of the cast, memes, and more! If you love Friends as much as I do, this collection us for you!!!✌

The best of the best

''Et puisque rien ne nous attend à part le cimetière.'' -K.J

I'm crazy about this

chandler bing

@carryonmywaywardsam Having friends like those  


@CahMrtns "Ross: I need juice! People need juice!" --- I love this scene so much but it also makes me feel sorry for Ross.: