~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
My collection established for the Social Butterfly of BTS: Kim Taehyung! Quick note, TaeTae and Kookie have been claimed by my cousin since their debut back in 2013, so to respect the bias list. I have to stay in my lane but V is so cool and charismatic, I regret not choosing him first but I will always appreciate him. Join the ARMY to love, support and protect our beautiful idol's. Fighting! ❀
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의 계속 진전하자 ✨ 마음을 다해 응원할게요!

~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
My collection loyal only to my second bias of BTS: Min Yoongi! Truthfully speaking, no one has ever captured my attention like Suga has. He's so cute yet so savage like I really adore him. With that said join the ARMY to love, support and protect our handsome idol's. Fighting! ❀
♡ xo · ChimchiBvby · xo ♡