Joy / Red Velvet

Proud ReVeluv!
Bae Joo Hyun + Kang Seul Gi + Son Seung Wan + Park Soo Young + Kim Ye Rim

Please, love and respect all of them <3
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Red Flavor MV:

"treasure - that is what you are!! honey, you're my golden star." // it's spelled park soo-young but it's pronounced 'princess'. red velvet is so lucky to have joy in their lives and SO ARE WE.

park soo young ; 조이
red velvet

팬클럽 레베럽 <3
멤버: 배주현 (아이린), 강슬기 (슬기), 손승완 (웬디), 박수영 (조이), 김예림 (예리)
리더: 아이린
막내: 예리
편견: 김예림
나는 그들을 정말 사랑해, 그들을 응원해주세요 !

ice cream cake

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@JoyreneRedvelvet wow, she looks like Sulli