Jiminnie ❤❤~ Park Jimin Bts

BTS Vocal. Baby face with the body of a Greek God.😍 Hit the high notes boy🎶

k i m n a m j o o n
k i m s e o k j i n
m i n y o o n g i
j u n g h o s e o k
p a r k j i m i n
k i m t a e h y u n g
j e o n j u n g k o o k

7 lovely, talented, and hardworking boys

bangtan boys ♡ kim nam-joon (rap monster) 🌿tae-hyung (v) 🌿jungkook (jeon jung kook) 🌿 jimin (park jimin) 🌿 suga (min yoongi) 🌿 jin (kim seok-jin) 🌿 j-hope (jung ho-seok) 🌿

-Jiminie, my cutest hyung-

『 ペニー 』
『 ペニー 』

@soaringkittens I really like these pictures 💞 [BIGHIT BTS 2016 Dubai Summer Package]  


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