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When you look up on a lazy summer day, it is the color of the sky. When you meditate, it is the color of your breath. It is the sound of an ocean drum, a rain stick, and air conditioning. It is the pitter-patter of drizzle and the roar of the downpour. It is the color of a sigh. When you tell your deepest secrets it is the color of your voice. 

I spend Hours looking for the right Quotes and the right Music to express my Feelings;

Always wish, always hope, always dream. And, most important : always remember we really, truly, can

There's no empty words here


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@InspireNCelebr8 Three simple words; one powerful meaning. When you want to feel inspired, this is the best mantra to remember. ✨ #happyfriday #inspiration #quoteoftheday  

Shahd Hossam
Shahd Hossam

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