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Sport is part of my life and I love. Many can not motivate themselves to the sport, as one under sports gymnastics, jogging ... understand however that is not true. Here I'll give you some options before Fitt. I, for example, row, my best friend and my sister do karate. I know that many women think it is too late to start with the sport but this is not true. It is never too late and through a lot of sport you are already taking a step towards a healthy body.

~On tamaran we appericate the past.We respect it.But we don't live there.We live here.Now.At the moment~. Koriand'r(starfire)⭐️🔥


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Michael Phelps

@cerati9 23 gold medals, the GOAT!!! 🏊🏅🇺🇸 @MichaelPhelps  

Silvana Fernandes
Silvana Fernandes

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