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This love this hate
Art by Ben Templesmith | via Tumblr
Zombie Uncle Sam | via Tumblr
Zombie dinner | via Tumblr
Baands *.*
Art by Mike Mignola | via Tumblr
Lifeforce (1985) movie artwork | via Tumblr
Zombie invasion | via Tumblr
Skywald Scream horror magazine #5, 1974 | via Tumblr
Nudist Colony of the Dead, 1991
Marvel Monsters Unleashed #11, 1975 | via Tumblr
Art by Noistormo | via Tumblr
Mickey . . .
Living Grave by Artsammich on deviantART
But you're not mine
Keep Calm and Rock And Roll !!! ♥
Vampire warrior
Salem's Lot | via Tumblr
A Vampires Story. by BlackCocktail on deviantART
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