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If you could put a number on missing someone, the number of stars in the sky times two wouldn't add up to the number I would put on me missing you.
My Baby
Of course ! Just one more episode hahaha
Pizza 😍🍕❤️
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oh look my entire life in one post
my life
Some say people in love are two halves to a whole, but without you I am nothing. You are my half, you are my whole, baby I love you. You are my everything
just want to thank to my parents!
Last night I wanted to send you a message, but all I could write was, noh ss!w !. It didn't make much sense until I read it upside down.
Within you I lose myself, without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.
Beyoncé & Jay This Is Not Real Life
And in dark corners he emerges. Seeking all those in need of plastic surgery..  or even just a plastic bag over their heads.