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Resumo da Semana [18/08 a 23/08] ~ Adolecentro
 Well, why don’t you make it a “street art” mural? -
22 Creative Kids’ Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again | Bored Panda
Street art | via Facebook
Embellish your #Home with #WallMurals, http://bit.ly/1wAEVPk #WallStickers
Dreamcatcher Dream Catcher Decal Nursery Room Wall by CozyDecal
Wall Decal Anchor Nautical Vinyl Sticker Wall Decor by CozyDecal
Nursery Wall Decal Dalmatian Dog  Puppy Crib Vinyl by CozyDecal
Elephant Wall Decal Indian Pattern Om Sign Decal by CozyDecal
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Street art Barcelona
"The Scarfs" by sastrod8 | Redbubble
Were are you.
A girl blowing a dandelion which turns into shards of glass. Beautiful graffitti from Roskilde Festival