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Beyond Control | via Tumblr
Sad shayari
Sad shayari
Sad shayari
Sad shayari
Not heartbroken 💔
- not heartbroken ❤️💕
I let people into my life and they really hurt me, now I've made friends that show me just how good real friendship can be
I don't think there's anything left for you to break
but what if i can't forget him ?
Actually it was nine months.
Indianapolis, Indiana (July 31, 2015)
Indianapolis, Indiana (July 31, 2015)
To all of you who has wattpad, I very much recommend this book by SamMadison. THIS BOOK RUINED MY LIFE. Brought me to a rollercoaster of emotions.
I pretend i'm not hurt, I walk about the world like I'm havin' fun. I'm heartbroken and nothing can help me