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The Amazing Spider-Man
I can not live without you.
Gwen & Peter 💞
I can't let you pass me by... 😍😭 #PeterParkerandGwenStacy #TASM2 #Stonefield
Gwen Stacy's Speech ❤
El92 | via Tumblr
Andrew Garfield is bae😍❤️
You're My Path...
Peter Parker y Gwen Stacy 😍😍❤️💙
Gwen and Peter
I can't lose you too
"I love You"
When you're thinking of her not knowing she's thinking of you!
And he followed her for the rest of their lives... :')
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone. Stonefield ❤️
The night when Gwen died. Poor Peter.
death of Gwen Stacy
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