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Oh man… Look at this dude with his fly open. He wears his pants commando style.
snow white.....
Is more and more difficult follow fashion | via Facebook
Play and listen music.
Cutest ventriloquist in the world.
I would prefer to see myself as a ventriloquist dummy. But, hey, that’s me MJ.
Even Helen has her own dummy. Go for it in sickdummies
Man, that ventriloquist dummy got into a fight in  the club! Sickdummies prone family values so do not approve that kind of behavior... (But it’s Ok if you buy me a whisky shooter at the bar).
The cutest ventriloquist dummy makeup I know by Sandramariewashere
"Masculin Feminin" (Jean-Luc Godard, 1966).
Ladie Goodman