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Funny Memes – Confucius says | Funny Memes
Why do we insist on making life didficult when it is wuite simple?
Confucius, true that! People and there fucked up judging negativity nowedays! And don't shake your head right now while reading this like "i understand you man", no one does! Luts just cut out with this crap and become like unjuding children, run around,
Buddha, live in the present moment, for that is all that is. Not really into spirituality, but check out youtube, 'The Atlantis King' with 'word music'! Pretty awesome and inspiring :)
Confucius, go and follow your heart :) <3
Confucius, open your eyes!
Confucius on becoming someone :)
Confucius on poeple
Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life - TheThingsWeSay
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EQ- Best Quote by Confucius: A journey of a thousand miles begins wit
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Diamond with a flaw 💋
Curiano Quotes Life
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