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Thank you all!!!
Se les quiere rojitas😂💜
 HAELBIA # هواي بية وماأسولف ..گولي بالله منين ابدي والله لو مااهلي واهلك ..كان هسة وليد عندي 💔
Our Da'wah, Our Call ✏☝
Love who you want and don't be afraid to show it 😘
"Outside the universe we are stars in the center of time"
"sexuality grasped Puritanism. instinct control destroyed love and yourself"
"faint doubt raised eagerness about remembered thoughts that taste like gin"
"silenced encouragement is dust and splinters of a generation"
"rescue me. I'll explode the sky, a wave of screaming fire."
"his green gaze hunted me down."
"long vanished charred cinder ashes chosen to close the noise on them"
me to everyone
Don't believe me jay watch