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I Really Don't Care ♪
Stop Bullying!
high school
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Dont bully
Educacion de calle, prevencion violencia escolar, maltrato, autoestima, dinamica de grupos, educacion familiar, animador tercera edad, intervencion con familias en riesgo, menores en conflicto, ludotecas, juegos, animador sociocultural, psicologia, pedago
It is ...
#espejo #nocritiques #bullying
A moment of silence for all the students whose vacation ended today...
When you do something bad to anyone, that bad always comes to you. Just to know
Here's to the girls who wear combat boots with their dresses..the girls who will eat a burger and follow it with desert, the shy girls who aren't afraid to speak up against the hard issues. To the future leaders who will help shape the future. To the girl
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