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 Time Magazine released their annual ranking of the most influential teens, but we want to know…
can this be a real cover? | via Tumblr
Annoyed-Jenni Herd
Joshua Wong
Peaceful Protester In Tear Gas
Pluto is a fucking planet again! Holy shit!!!
Jake Bugg for The Sunday Times Magazine
In August, 1949, Elizabeth Taylor appears on the cover of TIME Magazine. - Timeline Photos - Elizabeth Taylor | Facebook
World Country Magazines: Once Upon A Time by Dusan Reljin for Vogue Time Magazine, Japan, August 2014
At the doctor's office...
Time Magazine: First Look at Elsa on Once Upon a Time | Dustin N Salzano
Tudo Passa 🔆
5 seconds of summer
Time Magazine 2014
Neymar so awesome....
Thursday afternoon