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My edit for the the princess "Avril Lavigne" ♡♡♡
Hello Kitty, My Darlin Sweety<3
Avril ♥
Avril ♥
I  L [(<3)] V E  YOUr Smile..Darlin.. But That Is Not Why I [ L<3VE ] You.Sweet<3 | via Facebook
Meet, Michelle Lavigne. Second Mommy's Princess | via Facebook
Avril lavigne
..and I remember all those..lovin'..things You said..Darlin'..What I'd Do To Have You #Near_Near_Near..I Wish You Were Here..Honey of MySweet<3 | via Facebook
Things I'll Never Say.. Why I_<3 _Wish You Were Here_ <3 of MySweet<3 | via Facebook
..ana I Remember All Those..lovin..Things You Said..Darlin..What I'd Do To Have You Near_Near_Near, I Wish You Were Here..MySweet<3 | via Facebook
The Real loving man loves his Darlin not only for Her Smile, Vibe & Style, but for that She should be Loving & have the Real Sweet<3 | via Facebook
Abbey Dawn Designer Avril Lavigne
The Best Damn Thing ~ Sweet<3<- <3<- <3<- for Sweet<3 | via Facebook
-SweetHeart, look at the World through these loving glasses, -said Smile of the Cheshire Kitty to the Sweety little girl Alice in Wonderland, -And You will see the Real loving vital WONDERS, Darlin! | via Facebook
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